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When working with a client, the key is finding out what they want, what they need, and what they can afford. If I do not have a product that fits the need and budget, that is okay. Never will I ever pressure a client into purchasing a product. The goal is to help not sell. Working for myself means there is no quota and no product push for the month. It is just about my clients' needs.

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Teresa King

I thought Medicare was all you needed and that the government provided that to you after age 65. I was helping a friend with some of her medical stuff and realized it was a lot more complicated than I thought. Alysia explained that it does not cover everything and most need additional coverage to help with the cost of doctors and prescriptions. After talking to her, we found a plan that covers the doctors that she wanted to use that had previously not accepted her insurance. Not only am I a lot smarter about all of it now, but I also know I can call her if we have any questions in the future. So handy to have a real person I can call instead of a 1-800 number on the back of a card.

Anna White

Alysia is absolutely THE BEST Life Lady! She is friendly and efficient. She gathers your information and then finds you the lowest quotes to fit your individual needs without the hassle of you having to fill out endless questionnaires. She does all the heavy lifting for you. She really goes the extra mile! Highly recommend her services to anyone!

Jessica Chitwood

I contacted her on a Saturday and was surprised to get a response and quote later that day. She followed up on Sunday, and by Monday we had settled on a plan. I hope we never have to call her for a claim, but I have extreme confidence she will take care of us.

Mary Harden

Alysia helped me with figuring out mine and my son's insurance problems. She is so friendly and helpful, and I would highly recommend her. Thank you, Alysia. You're the best.


Never felt better on the topic of Health Insurance. Summary: Looks like we're going to save $2,100/year! Alysia is smart, informed, honest and fun to talk to. She doesn't waste time or try to "sell/pitch" something - She asks good questions and provides quality insight, options and real examples that helped us compare and understand plan options. I highly recommend. My wife and I used the "market place" to shop/buy a health insurance plan when her insurance ended due to a change in her work. Our chiropractor visits went from $20 co-pay to $100/visit until we met our new $3,700.00 deductible and now we were being forced to find a primary care physician, even though we never had one before and rarely require doctor visits. We thought we were locked in to this new plan for 6 months and were really frustrated. I knew Alysia (Your Life Lady) from a networking event and used her calendar link on the website to book a convenient call. It was the best thing I've ever done for our Health Insurance and the biggest contribution I've ever made (my wife handles all of this stuff.) Alysia quickly pulled up our information, gave us recommendations and helped us make a more informed decision. My wife spent two months digging through health insurance garbage - I wish I had met/reached out to Alysia sooner, in about 20 minutes we were good to go and it looks like we may save $2,100/year AND have better pricing on RX. Don't wait, just reach out to Alysia and give her a shot. She's awesome.