Meet Alysia Miles...

After 12 years in the insurance industry, I decided to take the giant leap of faith in myself and start my own independent Life and Health Agency. There is no sales quota and no minimum requirements to keep management happy. My primary goal is helping people. I am licensed in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida. Being independent allows me to have contracts with several companies so that I can shop the best price, product, and value for each client. The biggest benefit is that most of the companies in my tool kit will issue with no medical exams or blood work. Some companies will even issue up to $500,000 instantly!

Your Life Lady stands out in the crowd: If one company says “no,” then we pivot to another. Some companies will accept things that others will not. Most of the time I narrow it down to one company that fits the qualifications without having to submit several applications. However, there may be things in a client’s medical history that are not uncovered in the initial conversation. When this happens, we just pivot to another company and get the customer what they need. It is extremely rare that I cannot help a customer. 

There is no pressure to buy. When working with my clients, the goal is to find out what they want, want they need, and what they can afford. I will not pressure a client into purchasing a product. The goal is to help you get what you need! There is no quota and no product push for the month. Meeting the clients’ need is my number one priority.

Your Life Lady does more than just life insurance: Health insurance can be a daunting task. When clients shop online, they get loaded down with spam calls and often sign up for insurance that is not accepted by their doctor. Health insurance is one of my favorite things to help a client with. From assisting with Marketplace, signing up directly with carriers, Dental, Vision, Medicare, and much more, I’ve got you! Not only will I help with the initial process, but I will also be here for any life changes that come up in the future. I am more than just an agent; I am a friend. 

Your Life Lady has friends: I’ve got connections. If a client has a need, I know an expert. Need estate planning? A financial advisor? A realtor? A pet sitter? A banker? I’ve got you. I have just the person you need. 😉 

Alysia Miles

Owner & Your Friend